Saturday, February 20, 2016

Valentine's Day Newfie

The word cloudberry was accepted into the HI2 dictionary! :^D

This guy can become "Cloudberry" after all if Bethany so chooses. Good job submitting it, Felicity!

But the story doesn't end there. The very next day, Valentine's Day itself, Felicity and I (I was playing; she was watching) found another high-stat equine in the livery. She was surrendered there by the same player who surrendered the Dole the day before.

We felt a little sorry for her. It seemed like a shame for such a nice little mare to be there ownerless on Valentine's Day, especially one who was so antisocial. (She probably really disliked being stuck in the barn with so many other strange horses!)

We waited to see if any one else would adopt her. 20 minutes later, nobody had. So, before we had to log off, I adopted her. I don't know if we'll keep her permanently or just keep her until she can be ridden bareback, but for now she seems content enough. (Our ranch may be home to many horses, but she can lay low in her quiet box or find a secluded stretch of beach or grass whenever she feels the need.)

Dark dun is an interesting horse color. On HI2's Newfies, it looks like dark bay - you can't really see any leg barring or dorsal striping in the artwork. The only thing to tip you off that she's dun is her dark face. 

the dark dun Newfie's face

a dark bay Newfie face
Her avatar looks dark bay too. 

The other odd thing about Newfies is that their face markings aren't very accurate. This mare's "star" looks way more like an adjoined stripe and snip to me!

Vinca, who also has a "star" according to her Gen markings list, has a marking that looks like a stripe. And it's not even consistent with the dark dun Newfie's marking. Weird.

Vinca, Felicity's Newfie
Today there were a few moments when I thought the herd might expand yet again. When I logged on to take the two screenshots above, I happened to notice this "unicorn" in the auctions. 

A dude with a flower? XD At least it's red.

He was going for something like $6.3k to the foreign bidder. With less than a minute left in the auction, still nobody else had bid. I went for it with a $7k bid, but this time it wasn't meant to be. A bidding war ensued between two other players. To my amazement, the <1 minute seemed to reset back to 1 minute every time a bid was placed. I never have realized this was a thing before! Theoretically auctions could go on for ages like this. No wonder that final "minute" seems to drag on so long. Last I saw before he disappeared, the horse's price had shot up to $100k. He is a really cool Paint. It was probably a waste of time to worry about him going to the foreign bidder, but you never know, right? Just ask Onyx, Jenga, and Quincy. <3

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