Friday, February 5, 2016

See Ya, Handsome

Zephyr and I took a refreshing trip to the mountains a while back, and I've finally gotten around to writing about it. Our buddy Pinto tipped us off to some wild horses she'd come across there, so off we went. One Crater Mountain ledge had two horses hanging out on it! The dun was a Kaimanawa stallion, and the grullo was a Kiger Mustang stallion, in case you're curious. 
I caught the dun first. =)
Then the grullo impressed us with his levitating skills.
Zephyr only managed it with one hoof. XD
Next time I logged on, there we were: still in the mountains. So, Flora and I did some mining. Unfortunately, we maxed out our quartz allotment - even after crafting as many quartz necklaces as our sewing points would allow. It seems so wasteful when that happens: the extra quartzes just disappear into thin air.

We found a couple more wild horses as well. The most amusing one was this well-camouflaged steel gray Tersky mare.
Oh no! Her tail is stuck!
Julie and Fort took over once Flora and I navigated our way out of the mountains. Back on Plains, where they auctioned off the mountain isle wilds, they came across some players whose names made us smile.

ChubbyStarfish, ShinySquirrel, and my personal favorite, BlandApricot? =) Well done, fellow HI2 players! 

In the auction house, Julie also found a 5/6 Hanoverian stallion going for less than livery price. It seemed like a shame for him to disappear from the game. And, well... 

That <1 minute sure seems to take forever. Julie figured somebody would outbid her, but nobody did. Mr. Hanoverian and his pigeon buddy were ours.

As much as we would love a Hanoverian in the herd, we decided that this one wasn't the one. His stats were excellent but not over +80, which is the minimum we generally look for in non-6/6 horses. We'd have been tempted to make an exception (ha ha, we've made lots of them...) if his avatar wasn't so similar to Burgundy's.

the Hanoverian
After giving him a fond farewell, we surrendered him in the livery. We hope he was adopted by somebody who appreciates him! The pigeon stayed with us, though. We're not sure which horse to give him to yet. <3

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