Thursday, January 28, 2016

Black Chestnut Brethren?

Look who Vinca and I fluted on Square Isle on Tuesday! As soon as the horse appeared, I thought, hey, it's like Galileo without the socks. Sure enough, I clicked on it and discovered it was a black chestnut Calabrese. At this point, I considered switching to Galileo (our first wild and my first horse, a black chestnut sabino Calabrese) for a screenshot. But then I was like, nah, just get on with it, Felicity.

Arg! I wish I had! I missed my chance - never will the two appear side by side on HI2. Wouldn't you know it, the horse ended up being Pepsi's first +6/6 wild of 2016! A +75 stallion at that! 

I love his diamond, and that rather awkward stocking makes me think he may be related to Galileo. XD Brothers, perhaps?

Galileo and Murky
Galileo in avatar form
Bethany stalks the livery horses a lot, and she says she can't recall ever seeing another black chestnut sabino Calabrese there, and maybe only one or two black chestnut Calabreses. How crazy is it that the two best ones we've ever captured both have the black chestnut base?! No complaints from me. They're quite a handsome shade of brown - it reminds me of dark chocolate. =P 

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