Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Saturday of Socks

We have depended on the HI2 help site Esroh Legends quite a bit to help us out with various aspects of the game. Thank you, Esroh Legends! 

Esroh Legends also hosts HI2-related contests from time to time. One that's going on right now is a white sock avatar bingo. Basically, you get a blank bingo board with 25 squares. You can fill each square with a screenshot you've taken during the contest period of a different HI2 horse avatar with white socks. Each screenshot must be of a different player on a white-socked horse or of a different white-socked wild.

The more rows you are able to complete, the more times your name gets entered into the pool for winning something. Obviously, your chances are best if you complete the board. 

So, that's what we were spending our HI2 time on yesterday: Julie, Felicity, and I each took a turn of parking it near the often-bustling Plains Isle dock house. From there, we waited for players on horses with white socks to canter by. Sometimes we were successful in snapping a quick screenshot; sometimes not. We also wandered around town and the ever-popular grassy expanse near the dock house hoping to snap screenshots of any white-socked horses we had missed. Great times. Here are a few of the most interesting shots from the day:

2-avatar pileup out of the dock house... is this too weird to use?
Don't mind Hal. He just wants to see if you really have angel eyes. XD
Umm, does this count?
Sweet, 3 in one!
Erm, pardon us for standing here...
The lasagne
During her turn, Felicity took a break and rode Orion to Prairie Isle to use the flute. The flute didn't bring her a white-socked wild, but one of the other two wild horses she discovered there was!

She was a 4/6 seal brown sabino Spotted Draft Horse. :)

By the end of the day, we technically had the 25 shots we needed. We might keep going anyway in hopes of replacing some of the ones where the horses are facing forward, as we're not sure it will count if their hind socks aren't showing... XD It shouldn't really matter, since if a HI2 avatar has socks on its forelegs, it always will have them on its hind legs as well. Better safe than sorry, though, and it's fun to have an excuse to keep at it. ;)

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