Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter Wonderland

One of our HI2 buddies totally surprised us with a Christmas gift... in January. XD She'd had the gift since Dec. 21, but it took us until Jan. 20 to be online at the same time. As you've probably already figured out from the pictures down there, the gift is a NEZ!

And not just any Nez, but a 6/6 blue eyed varnish roan stallion! Wow!

I am owner #4 for this handsome guy. His story goes something like this: he was created with a super horse token in November and was originally named "Come No Farther." Our buddy then found him for sale in his second owner's ranch store and renamed him "Winter Wonderland." Since she is a non-sub right now, we had to do a nail-biting lighting-quick livery pass off. No random livery stalker foiled our plan, thank goodness. We couldn't have planned it better, really, since it was a half-price adoption day.

I'm thrilled to have this guy in the herd! Not only do I love the fact that he is varnish roan (we've never had one of those before!), but he is also seal brown under the spots and roaning like my real-life horse, Talia! His avatar looks even more like Talia. How cool is that?

Clearly, this guy is meant to be mine. <3 He and Julie's Welshie, Napoleon, are going to be such good buddies! (Napoleon is also seal brown and has the Grumbler persona.) =) I have shortened his name to "Wonderland" to conform to our 1-word naming pattern. Now he will always make me think of the Taylor Swift song as well as the Christmas song. ;^)

Thanks again, Pinto! What a thoughtful gift!

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