Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 Girl of the Year: Lea Clark

Say goodbye to Grace, the 2015 Girl of the Year, along with all her French bakery-themed accessories and goofy side-bangs.

Say hello to Lea Clark! In her story, she goes adventuring in Brazil, hence AG has come up with lots of beach and rainforest-themed accessories for her.

Lea has hazel eyes, "light brown" wavy hair with highlights, and a medium skin tone.

Bethany: Hmm, interesting combination of features. Very pretty.
Lily: Cool eyes. I think they might be the same as Bethany's?
Bethany: Maybe? They seem lighter and less green than mine.
Julie: She's kind of a lighter-haired, tanner version of Bethany... 
Lily: Yeah, minus the freckles.
Bethany: I love her hair style. ;^)
Lily: Can't imagine why.
Felicity: I'm seeing blond, not light brown... 
Julie: Maybe it's the lighting of these pictures. 
Bethany: Yeah, seems to be. If you google pics of her, it looks less blond in some of them...
Felicity: I don't know... 
Julie: It looks borderline to me - could go either way depending on the lighting. 
Felicity: Why didn't they just say "caramel" or "dark gold?"
Lily: Because AG didn't want people like you to be able to complain about them overdoing it with the blonds. 
Felicity: Touché. But I can still complain about there not being any African American girls of the year. How lame is that?
Bethany: Very lame.
Lily: At any rate, I think we all are in agreement that she is a big improvement over Grace?
Bethany: Yes, definitely.
Julie: Agreed!
Felicity: May the side bangs never return! 
Lily: Her outfit and accessories are cute. 
Bethany: Yeah, I wish the dress had real straps and not the double rope thing going on. No other complaints from me.
Felicity: I want a compass necklace.
Lily: That bag is cute too!
Julie: The Brazilian animals are my favorites. 
Margay Cat: $20
Sea Turtle: $18
3-Toed Sloth: $20
Felicity: Why is the sea turtle $2 cheaper than the other two? Weird.
Bethany: Poor turtle. 
Felicity: Um, does anybody else find it a bit sad that for 2 years in a row now, the setting for the GOTY doll stories is a foreign country? Apparently the U.S. isn't exciting enough. :/
Lily: Maybe they're trying to get American girls to think more globally. 
Felicity: I guess. Two years in a row just seems a bit much.

Bethany: So, everybody, hypothetical question for you. If Mom were to go absolutely nuts and buy this:

and then decide she wanted a 5th doll to go with it, which doll would you want her to get? Lea so that we could have a GOTY doll in the family? Or some other doll?

Felicity: Not Lea. If we were going for a GOTY doll, I'd have wanted Jess. She was awesome! And last I looked, you can still find her on eBay.

Julie: Great minds think alike, Felicity. I was thinking of this doll. She's the only Truly Me doll available right now with black hair! The other dark-haired Truly Me dolls all have either black-brown hair or dark brown hair. (Addy and Kaya also have black hair, but I'd be afraid of hair snags with Addy, since she has permanent earrings, and I'd worry that Kaya's braids would leave permanent crimps in her hair.) C'mon, AG, jet black hair is beautiful!

Lily: I was actually thinking it'd be fun to have a blond. A... er... blond blond, not a strawberry blond like me. More specifically, Elizabeth. I'm so glad Mom chose me instead of her way back when, but I can see why Mom was once considering her. She is such a beautiful, elegant doll.  And maybe she'd speak with a British accent. That would be awesome!
Bethany: I think it would be fun to get a custom doll from eBay - then nobody else would have the exact same one. (It can be a bit of a downer for me when I think about all the dolls out there who look just like me...) These two on there today caught my eye:
Marie-Grace body and blond wig
Blue eyes and black wig -
modeled after Arwen the elf in Lord of the Rings
Felicity: I'm liking the custom idea, though I'd never want it to happen to me. *Shudders*
Bethany: Yeah, it's kind of freaky to see random doll parts being sold on eBay for customizing purposes...
Lily: We could theoretically get a doll with gray eyes and black or blond hair this way... 
Julie: This is all hypothetical, right?
Lily: Of course it is! 
Felicity: It had better be!
Bethany: What if Mom reads this and gets ideas?
Lily: She won't. Nobody really reads this thing. Not all the way to the end at least. 

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