Thursday, January 7, 2016

Red Dun Sabino?

Happy New Year! Let me start it off by introducing the first interesting wild horse we've captured in 2016:

a "red dun sabino" Welsh Cob.

We've come across this particular color on a Welsh Cob before. The first time was when we spotted a 6/6 +66 stallion in the livery. (And wonder of wonders, we didn't adopt him.) When we went to check out his avatar in the BBB, we were rather confused. Check out the wild one Edoras and I fluted on Sunny Glade Isle, and see if you are too:

Does this look like red dun to you?
Uh... no, it does not. The mane and tail are definitely black.

This is red dun sabino: what happens when the dun gene dilutes the body color of a what-would've-otherwise-been a chestnut sabino horse.
Love ya, Petra <3
HI2 gets it right with the profile art, though:

Weird, huh?  Somebody screwed up. It's sad it's never been fixed. *Sighs*

But anyway, as you've probably noticed, this particular Welsh Cob is 5/6 and +68. Not too shabby at all! I don't think we're going to keep him - his stats don't meet our self-imposed standards, and the inaccurate avatar thing didn't help his case. It's a shame, since nice stallions seem to have started making themselves scarce again. Oh well, the year is young.

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