Saturday, December 26, 2015

Deja Vu... Again

Christmas is over. *Sighs.* It always comes and goes so quickly, doesn't it? Thanks to El Niño, it's been unusually warm all month long. My sisters were bummed there hasn't been accumulating snow to set the Christmasy mood, but I'm not complaining. I'm not crazy about snow, and Mom's so much less stressed out when she doesn't have to drive in it.

We've continued to hang out on HI2's snowy isles so that my sisters can get their snow fix. Earlier in December, Julie mentioned in her post that we had never found a 6/6 horse on snowy terrain or in the month of December. Well, that all changed thanks to me and the flute! (It actually happened way back on the 13th, but now that the busyness of Christmas is over I'm finally getting around to posting about it.)
Windy and Pepsi with the special pony

She's +86! Unfortunately, she's also the same breed, size, color, and gender as Dasani, Bethany's 6/6 +91 Exmoor. And not only that, but since Exmoors can't display white markings, they look absolutely identical.

Dasani just after Bethany caught her
Dasani now <3
With the two other pairs of 6/6 look alikes (Jess and Dash the white gray New Forest Pony mares, and Mistral and Murphy the gray Camargue stallions), they were at least different in height and markings! Therefore, I don't think 6/6 Exmoor #2 is going to be staying with us. That is, unless we can get Lily to see how entertaining it would be to have identical twins in the herd...

Bethany and Xanthos found another really nice mare the very next day on White Isle. This one is not a duplicate in any way. In fact, she's a Norwegian Coldblooded Trotter. I've wanted one of these since the breed was introduced...
If only she had 3 more stat points and wasn't so lazy and skittish! Then the decision to keep her would have been easy. But, I have a feeling my sisters are going to say I should choose between her and that Curly, and how can I pass up a horse with curls and spots?

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