Saturday, February 13, 2016

Chocolates and Fruit

Hooray for black chestnut Calabrese stallions! I fluted another one this morning while riding Cascade. This one was a sabino like Galileo, hence I switched to Galileo for the screenshots. 

Before I could take the first screenshot, the horse moved behind the apple tree.

When he finally moved away from the tree, he wouldn't face the camera...

....and then he moved back behind it. -_-

As you can see on the mini map (if you look closely, anyway), another player appeared on the isle right then and promptly rode in our direction. Out of time to get the clear, front-facing shot of the wild I was after, I captured the big stinker. When I'd finished, that player was looming right by us, so it's a good thing I caught him when I did. Here he is up close:

Aw, he sure does remind me of Galileo! He's an inch taller, though, and he has birdcatcher spots rather than the roany flank thing Galileo has going on.

What's funny is that I'm pretty sure it was the same player (the one who invaded our personal space) who bought the wild in the auctions a few minutes later. I guess he/she really wanted him! 

After I'd put the Calabrese and another wild horse in the NarrowTon auction house, I decided to check out the livery horses. (Why not as long as I was so close, right?) I clicked merrily along, and in the midst of the D's, I found this guy!

Let me be clear - since he wasn't over +80 in his stats, I did not impulsively snatch him up, okay? First I rode Cascade up to the NarrowTon library to see what I thought of the dapple gray Dole avatar. It was a nice slate gray with white dapples - different from the avatars of any of our other dapple grays. Then I rode back down to the livery. He was still there. 

Okay, I told myself. Look through the rest of the horses. If he's still there when you're done, then maybe...

I did. He was still there. 

Since I already have my first dozen stallions, I knew I didn't have much of a chance at convincing my sisters I should keep him myself. So, I called Bethany over. She was still looking for her 12th stallion, after all. She'd also decided to keep the dun Norwegian Coldblood Trotter mare she caught, so I knew she liked Norwegian horses.

It worked. She adopted him! Here she is riding him for the first time:

Lily was not thrilled when she found out, since he is only +75, and since we already had a Dole in the herd (my beautiful mare, Tang). Luckily, she's on board with Bethany keeping him as long as Bethany doesn't find a wild stallion she likes better by the end of February. 

It may be a bit early to be thinking of names, but I couldn't help myself. Since Dole horses make me think of fruit, I suggested that Bethany name him Cloudberry. Even though he's gray, not the yellow-orange color of the berry, most people wouldn't know that, and it sounds nice. He'd look good in yellow or orange tack. Sadly, even though the cloudberry is a real fruit, the word is not in the HI2 dictionary. We could try to get it added, but you never know if that's going to work or not. Bethany says she'll think about it. =^)

I'm not a big Valentine's Day fan, but it does seem appropriate that we'd find a "dark chocolate" horse and a "fruity" horse during Valentine's Day weekend...

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