Saturday, May 14, 2016

Goodbye, Old Friend

Thursday, May 12 was a sad day for Mom. She went up to her bedroom, got out Carl, and discovered that Carl is dead.

This is Carl:

Yes, Mom named her laptop. Carl the Compaq and Mom go way back. He's been in the family since roughly June of 2006, which means he didn't quite make it to 10 years old. Once upon a time, he made surfing the internet, watching DVD's, and photo manipulation a breeze. A few years later there was the glass of water incident, which he miraculously survived. A few years after that he got a virus, but after a repair and some new antivirus software, he carried on valiantly. In his later years, he steadily declined until he could no longer do much but Microsoft Word. Mom, however, still found him useful to type her stories on from the privacy of her room, where he would warm her legs and whir away happily.

Carl had gotten to the point where turning him on and opening a document became a huge, 20 minute minimum ordeal, hence he spent most of his time in hibernation mode. One of the last things she'd see before going to bed every night was his little red light blinking. It was on Thursday evening when - for the first time - Carl would not wake up from hibernation. His screen remained a bleak dark gray. Mom tried to wake him by turning him on and off repeatedly, but it seems he is in a deep coma from which there is no return.

 Rest in peace, Carl. You will be missed. <3

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