Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Belated Birthday Present

This past Wednesday was Mom's birthday! We actually got the HI2 birthday message on the right day this year, rather than it coming a day late! Maybe the trick is to log on in the late afternoon rather than the morning?

Our buddy Gem happened to be on when we were, riding her new strawberry roan New Forest Pony. Her avatar isn't quite as strawberry as I was expecting, but boy is she cute! I think Xanthos was impressed as well. ;^)

Also cute is Pepsi's birthday present from Gem, a wobbly-legged fawn. Gem's Exmoor, Vita, has one just like him, so now the twins Dasani and Vita have twin companions as well. <3

It only seemed right to flute the birthday horse while riding Napoleon, the lucky 6/6 Welsh Pony we found on Mom's birthday two years ago.

The flute brought us a bay Hanoverian! Lily (who loves Hanos and still doesn't have one) didn't get her hopes up too much - she figured another 6/6 wild on Mom's birthday was never going to happen. Well, it turns out she was right about this year, anyway.

Drat, just look at those gorgeous markings! And it would've been so entertaining to have a horse strutting around our ranch isle like royalty. XD

I guess HI2 didn't want us feeling too bummed out, because two days later it decided to grant us our second 6/6 wild horse of 2016.

Was it...

A. a brown Don
(HI2 has been quite generous to us with Dons in the past, after all...)

B. a black Welsh Cob
(because obviously you can never have too many solid black horses
- just ask Shady, December, Onyx, and Windy)

C. a flaxen chestnut Haflinger
(we don't have one of those, and it could only be a matter of time...)





Of course, it would be another stallion. The pendulum sure has swung back in the stallion direction for us. He is quite handsome, though! I love his stripe and that one white foot. It looks like Napoleon and Landslide are getting more Welsh company!

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