Saturday, June 4, 2016

Caution: Enter Livery at Own Risk

First things first: the Welsh Cob stallion, the second 6/6 wild horse we've caught this year, has a name! Since it was Julie and Flare who found him, Julie is keeping him and got to pick out the name. Meet Iolite.

His namesake is this blue violet stone:

Legend has it that Vikings looked through a thin slices of iolite to help them locate the sun on cloudy days. I hope this horse has a good sense of direction so that he lives up to his name!

Wait a second, how has Julie ended up with both 6/6 wild horses we've caught this year? I smell a conspiracy! Oh well, I'll just try to wait patiently for my next horse, which needs to be a mare. 

It's hard being patient, though. Really hard. Last night, I took a leaf out of Bethany's book and... yeah, I went livery stalking. Wouldn't you know it, I found some highly tempting mares!

Mare #1:

What a horse! Gorgeous breed and color, 6/6 stats, great personality.... What's not to like? 6 more stat points and I'd have adopted her in a heartbeat! But seeing as we already have a Gypsy Vanner in the herd, 
Bethany's Airbrush
I figured I really should leave her for somebody else. Within 10 minutes, she was gone. No big surprise there!

Mare #2:

This striking +71 mare is a mere 2 stat points shy of being 6/6. Like the Gypsy, she also has the investigator persona. But again like the Gyspy, we already have the Racking Horse represented in our herd. Twice, actually:

Bethany's Yoshi
Julie's Xia
We also have a bay tobiano gaited horse already:

Bethany's Infrared the Tennessee Walker
So far, I have been good and resisted, but as of this posting, she is still available for adoption. I'm quite tempted to go back for her even now. After all, I personally don't have a Racking Horse or a bay tobiano. It would be such a shame for her not to get a home!

Mare #3:

A big, beautiful liver chestnut Suffolk with an adorable star! She's 5/6 with the highest stat total of all three mares, +76. My goodness, why did I walk into the livery?

If she wasn't so skittish and lazy, and if she'd had 4 more stat points, again it would've been an instant adopt. We don't have any Suffolks yet, and she reminds me of one of the first wild horses we ever caught, a Suffolk stallion named Murray. 

Well, I waited around half an hour. Then I just couldn't stand it anymore and adopted her. Our buddy Gem loves Suffolks, so it's possible she might be interested. If not, I'll see if I can talk my sisters into keeping her. XD


  1. Suffolk power!!!
    Keep her! Keep her! Keep her!
    :D ~Gem

  2. (Also when I took a closer look, the Suffolk mare's star is missing from the list of genetic markings...)