Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hello, Milton

Galena and I headed out to the Marshy Isles this morning to look for unusual bugs in pitcher plants. (A friend needed Esroh material, and sadly the bugs are an ingredient.) ;^) As long as I was there anyway, I decided to use the flute to summon a wild horse. Most often we seem to attract Camargues on the Marshy Isles. Not that I'm complaining, of course - it's a fantastic breed. However, Bethany has wanted a nice Florida Cracker mare for a long time. Specifically, a light gray or a perlino. I think it's part of the reason she livery stalks so much.

This morning, the flute brought us a Florida Cracker for a change. Any guesses as to its color and gender?

Yep, yet another mahogany bay mare. Our flute is made of mahogany, I tell you!

She is 5/6 and +77. Not quite as impressive as the two 6/6 mahogany mares the flute has brought us, +97 Vega and +84 Odette, but not at all shabby either! And just look at that cute pink snip! There's apparently a star underneath that long, beautiful forelock too!

I am guessing Bethany is going to keep holding out for her light-colored Florida Cracker mare, unless she decides not to keep Very Nice Newfie after all. I can't really see that happening. Since Lily has the first two mahogany mares in her collection, maybe she'll want this one too?

As you may recall from my post back on May 12, Mom's good old laptop, Carl, bit the dust. She's still had the family computer to use since then, but I'm happy to announce that she won't have to anymore! Let me introduce you to *drum roll please*

Milton, Mom's new laptop! =) This is what he looked like when first turned on. Don't get too fond of those picturesque cliffs, Milton. I see lots of horsey wallpapers in your future. <3

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