Sunday, June 12, 2016

Anybody Have Caution Tape?

Bethany here. Well, as you can probably tell from the title and the screenshots below, I didn't heed Felicity's warning. I went into the livery on Friday night. It was one of those days where adoption fees have been increased from $20k to $30k. Hmm, I thought to myself, maybe fewer players than usual have been checking out the adoptable horses. The pull was just too strong. I snuck in and started clicking.

Before long, I found this guy, "TheScottishYodeler." 

6/6 and +81! He has December, my black Fell stallion, beat by 6 stat points. And he's the capricious yin to December's drill sergeant yang. Soooo tempting! Since we have a few more stallions than mares at the moment, though, I made myself resist. He was still available when I checked before logging out, but he was gone by Saturday morning. Hopefully somebody found him and is giving him the appreciation he deserves. And hopefully he kept his name. It's hard to imagine something more perfect than "TheScottishYodler." ;^)

Down farther, I came upon, well, a Very Nice Newfie. Not the most imaginative name, but it got the point across.

She is indeed very nice! Like TheScottishYodler, she is also 6/6 and +81. Her personality isn't as fun as the Fell's, but I think she is every bit as cute! I checked on her a couple of times while I was online, and she never went anywhere. In the end, I just couldn't just leave her there. Felicity has her Vinca, a minimal blue roan Newfie mare. Lily has her Ultraviolet, a dark dun Newfie mare. Now I have a lovely Newfie mare too! We just need to find one for Julie and we'll have a complete set. =)

One other horse who deserves to be mentioned is this cool Percheron.

Aw, this +74 mare is only 2 stat points away from being 6/6. And so pretty! It's not every day you come across a flaxen chestnut Percheron. So... many... grays... XD I hope somebody took her home!

Taking home Very Nice Newfie filled up our last horse slot. So, I replaced one of our golden windmills with another platinum horse barn. Sorry, windmill, but horses are more important, and we just weren't ready to say goodbye to the carrots or sheep yet. 

The new barn gives us about a dozen more horse slots. Lily's trying to get us on board with a 12-month challenge, to see if we can go from this coming July to the next without filling more than 12 slots with permanent residents. Somehow, I don't think that's ever going to happen, but we'll see!

One more thing before I go: check out this totally concealed wild that Lily and Vega found yesterday!

She may be from Dumbbell Isle, but she's no dummy! She has beauty to go with the brains too, both in avatar form and in her profile.

I think she may be Millennium Fields bound. =^)

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