Saturday, June 25, 2016

Plateau Persians

Hi all. This is the first post ever typed from Milton! We snuck up to Mom's room, taking our lives in our own hands (Nala was on the prowl), to try out Mom's new laptop. It's great - quick and quiet, and the screen is so crisp and detailed! As predicted, the desktop background has already changed to something more Mom. 

Sorry if they're distracting, but we didn't have the heart to crop out the stuffed animals. <3
All has been fairly quiet on the HI2 front. No more irresistible horses have surfaced to tempt us, thank goodness. We have still not chosen names for the three new mares, but they all have tack now. I guess that pretty much means they are staying. *Sighs* I'm hoping we will have better self-control in the coming months.

HI2 has recently introduced a new breed of horse called the Plateau Persian. None of us had ever even heard of it before. Plateau Persians are from the central plateau region of Iran, and they look quite Arabian-like. My sisters and I all love the HI2 artwork for the breed. They come in rabicano and sabino in addition to solid colors, which makes them even cooler in our collective opinion.

We've been to the desert a few times in hopes of lassoing a wild one, but no luck so far. As more and more of them come into existence on the game, our chances of finding a nice one somewhere are bound to go up, right?

For your viewing pleasure, here are some screenshots we took from the BBB of some of our favorite Plateau Persian coat colors.

Bethany's favorites:
sooty buckskin rabicano
rose gray sabino
Felicity's favorites:
dapple black sabino
seal brown rabicano
Julie's favorites:
blood bay rabicano
smoky cream sabino
My (Lily's) favorites:
dapple palomino sabino
dapple rose gray rabicano
Maybe someday we'll be lucky enough to find a Plateau similar to one of these beauties. <3

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