Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Saturday Surprises

I fully intended to write a blog post this past Saturday, but that never happened.

The day started out normal enough. 

Even though rain was predicted to blow in around 11 am, Mom and Grandma still headed to Michigan's Adventure, an amusement park that opens at 11 am. As they were on their first ride, a small wooden rollercoaster, it had started to rain right on schedule. By the time they got off and were walking away, lightning had been spotted, the heavens opened up, and the rides had to be temporarily shut down. Mom and Grandma donned super stylish Maid-of-the-Mist rain ponchos and slogged back to the van to wait out the rain. It rained. And rained. And rained. Mom was impressed but not particularly alarmed. Hours passed. Mom finished the book she was reading and started a new one. Grandma worked on Sudoku. They reentered the park and had a picnic lunch under a pavilion, and it rained cats and dogs some more. Finally, it cleared up, and they happily enjoyed some rides without the usual huge lines.

While Mom and Grandma were enjoying their leisurely day at the amusement park, things got really interesting back home. Those storms were a lot nastier for us! They knocked out power to tons of homes and businesses, including our house. Then as if that wasn't bad enough, the tornado sirens went off. We sat uneasily... okay, maybe we need a stronger adjective than that... in a very dark basement for quite some time. After what felt like forever, the storms finally passed and the sirens stopped blaring. The power didn't come back on until Sunday afternoon, so our lanterns and flashlights got quite the workout. We eventually heard on the news that the storms spawned not one, not two, but six tornados in the West Michigan area! 

Granted, these tornados were on the weak side: three EF0's and three EF1's, but still, they caused lots of damage. It's so sad to see all the formerly big, healthy trees that have been toppled or damaged, but we are so glad that no humans were hurt! Luckily, there wasn't much storm damage in our neighborhood. Our house and the yard's oaks, sassafrases, and spruces made it through just fine. 

Well, enough about that for now. In HI2 news, there are two new horses hanging out with Pepsi's herd. 

The first is this beautiful golden draftie:
Bethany noticed her in the auction house and just couldn't let the foreign bidder have her. Nobody else was interested - we won her for a measly $9000. The poor thing went almost two years without a name, and then the person who finally named her decided not to keep her. If we can't find her a home I hope Lily caves and lets us keep her. <3

New horse #2 is this handsome boy with a really cool zig-zag stripe:

One of our buddies created him with a super horse token but was disappointed at how his stats turned out (he's +74). When she asked us if we wanted him, well, we just couldn't say no. I think we all have a soft spot for AQH's, especially ones as handsome as this one. <3

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