Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lily's Favorite Art

As promised, my sisters and I have been getting to work choosing our favorite ArtPrize entries. Because 2016 was ArtPrize's eighth year, we've each decided to write a separate post about 8 of our favorites. Since it's my birthday today (yay, a Saturday birthday!) I have decided to go first. You can click on any of the images to see them larger. 

Make A Wish
Wow, just look at this color and texture! The artist dripped layer after layer of house paint on canvas to create this masterpiece.

Birth of an Idea
Tons of small strips of paper were rolled, shaped, and glued together to form this beautiful mandala design. (This artistic method is called "paper quilling.") I really appreciate the symbolism here. Need I say more?

While "Urn-E" sort of makes sense as a name, since it's shaped like big urn, I think I'd have picked a more feminine name. There is something very elegant about it, and I love the contrast of the silver flowers against the rust.

Good As Gold
A Michigan native snapped this photo on the shores of Lake Michigan: a crashing wave frozen in time, reflecting a brilliant sunset sky. When Mom saw the full-size print in person, the proud photographer was there talking about it. It was apparently a very cold day when this was taken, and he got wet in the process. So worth it, though! 

Mirror of Heaven
This painting depicts a little slice of what you might see if you look into the waters of a deep, crystal clear spring in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Native Americans gave the spring its name, Kitch-iti-kipi, which translates into "Mirror of Heaven" in English.

The blue owl on the left and also a red-toned owl (not picture here) were already finished and hanging on the wall when ArtPrize began. A third owl painting was also created during ArtPrize itself - a collaborative effort of the artist and ArtPrize-goers. Mom didn't contribute any strokes to it, as the artist wasn't there when she went to see them. At that point (only a few days into the competition) it just looked like a mess of pattern and color - she couldn't tell it would eventually become an owl. All the random texture ends up adding something really cool to the final product, though. Hoot took 3rd place in the Time-Based category. I sure wish it had won instead of that boring Sweeper's Clock!

Cherry Waltz
Now this is an end table! The artist says a twirling dress was his inspiration for the design. Could we take this one home, please, Mr. Artist? Or could you perhaps create a doll-sized one for us?

Worlds Turning
Take a look at this video clip! As the various separate clusters of random objects rotate, their shadows mingle and dance on the walls behind them. Very cool! If I understand right, each separate cluster is supposed to represent a different culture, which symbolically cast overlapping shadows on our world.

There you have my favorites (not counting Wounded Warrior Dogs or Imagine If, as you've already seen those.) Up next, Bethany will share her favorites.

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