Saturday, October 8, 2016

Estonian Native Horse

HI2 has introduced a new horse breed once again! It's another one of those breeds that wasn't even on our radar, the Estonian Native Horse. I think of Estonia as one of a trio of small countries in extreme northeastern Europe: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. I tend to get them confused, but as it turns out they proceed in alphabetical order from north to south, with Estonia the northernmost of the three. 

My sisters and I are all in agreement that these small, sturdy horses are a worthwhile addition to the game. Their artwork doesn't blow us away or anything, but we think they grow on you the more you look at them. As an added bonus, they come in lots fun colors. 

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are some Estonians we admired in the BBB.

Lily's favorites:
black silver
chocolate sorrel

Julie's favorites:
dun roan
yellow dun

Felicity's favorites:
seal silver
bay-black mosaic

And finally, my favorites:
liver roan
dark dapple gray
So much cuteness! <3

Julie also has news that I will share here while I'm at it. That buddy who asked for Phoenix back? Well, she changed her mind again. We should've seen that coming. XD Phoenix and his trio of companions have returned to us from their adventure, and Julie is delighted to have them all back. Phoenix has already shed the rainbow unicorn horn and the 4-leaf clover mane decor he returned to us with and is back in his old, familiar red and gray attire.

Now we're down another horse slot again and will have to rework the horse numbering all over again, but this is for a much happier reason! Welcome home, buddy. <3

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