Saturday, September 24, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

Last Saturday, I overlapped online again with that same buddy who bought back Phoenix the Paso Fino. (Phoenix seems to be doing fine there, by the way.) This buddy happens to be quite into Paso Finos at the moment, and she bought a pack of regular horse tokens so that she could create a few in her favorite colors. I admired her first creation, a grulla mare named Storm, and this led to us checking out all the colors of Paso Finos together in the BBB. She was most seriously considering a flaxen liver chestnut or a blood bay as her next one, which are both lovely. My two personal favorites on the Paso Fino are red roan and red dun. They not only look cool in their profiles but also have unexpectedly bright avatars - their bodies are an intense pinkish orange!

red roan
red dun
Then our buddy asked us if we'd like a token of our own to make a Paso Fino with, since she didn't need all of hers. I couldn't refuse - none of us have ever had a horse token before, and I figured it's an experience we just couldn't pass up!

So, I bought the token. Yeah, I know I then had the freedom to create whatever horse I wanted, including either Bethany's dream Florida Cracker or my dream Manga. But I didn't want to have to choose between them, and our buddy specifically had Pasos in mind. So a Paso it was! And obviously, it would be a mare, for maximum long, wavy mane visible and to help out our mare:stallion ratio.

Our buddy and I decided it would be really fun to get a mare-stallion pair of the same color. 
While I was busy debating which color we should get (she left it up to me), our buddy went ahead and bought a red roan mare. Well, since I wanted to have the mare of our pair, that took red roan out of the running and made the choice obvious. 

Our buddy created her red dun Paso first. Here's how her Romeo turned out:

Pretty cute, right? I really like how his leg markings alternate in height. He wasn't super tall, so we were a bit nervous that my mare would end up taller than him. XD

I carefully used Pepsi's token then, all 3 of my sisters watching over my shoulder. Here's what the screen looks like for regular tokens and what my selections were:

I figured I'd better have her be easygoing so that she could put up with Romeo's bossiness, and to play it safe I selected "short to average" for her desired height. 

Here she is, the beautiful Juliet!

Yay! Lots of pretty markings and a good two inches shorter than Romeo. She is 6/6 and +35, which is slightly better than average when you consider the best stats she could possibly have had would've been +60 and the worst would've been +0. (She has Romeo beat - he's +22. Don't tell him that though, lol.)

Somehow Juliet ended up as an easygoing Drill Sergeant, which wasn't exactly what I had expected. (It is quite appropriate, though, come to think of it, since our first equine, Ophelia, also has the Drill Sergeant persona.) Ha ha, what a power couple these two are! Good thing Romeo's brave and social, because I doubt Juliet would ever have dared approach him on her own.

And here Pepsi is riding Juliet for the first time. As you can see, compared to chestnuts, she has a definite pink tinge!

Juliet and Tabasco, our chestnut pinto Grade Pony retiree
Finally, here is Juliet in all her tack! I tried a bunch of different colors on her. Even though "Juliet" makes me think of red or pink for some reason, neither color looked nearly as nice on her as sea foam green.

Here's hoping that this Romeo and Juliet have a long, happy romance rather than a tragically short one! XD Overall I am really pleased with how Juliet turned out, and I am so glad to have a Paso of my own again!

What a month of firsts this has been! We bought our first horse for our herd from a ranch store, we sold a horse from our herd for the first time, and now we've created our first horse with a token!

In other news, these two finally have names! Let me introduce you to Parallax and Myth!

I've chosen Parallax to be mine. Parallax is a term for when an object appears to be in different places depending on the point of view. I think it sounds cool, and because of the last syllable it seems to suit a very lazy horse like him. 

In the end, we decided that "Myth" suited this guy better than any of the other names we came up with: simple but still special. We're still not sure which one of us will be his owner, but we are sure that he is staying!

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