Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dream Come True

Last June, Bethany wrote a post about our HI2 dream horses. Mine was a Hanoverian something like this one, a mare with one or more white feet and a star-stripe-snip combo:

I've been patiently holding out for one (I'd have been happy with a nice Hanoverian of any color, really) but it hasn't happened. I did actually see a 6/6 sooty palomino Hanoverian stallion in a ranch store once in 2015, but he was a he and also pretty expensive, so I passed him by. 

Then our buddy Gem mentioned in a letter that one of her buddies was going to be selling her sooty palomino Hanoverian stallion. No more details than that. Hmm, I thought. Maybe. But we heard no more about it, so I figured I'd missed out.

Well, on Tuesday this week when I logged onto HI2, guess who was there waiting for me? =D

It turns out that on Sunday, Bethany checked the ranch stores and noticed this guy for sale for $150k. She, Felicity, and Julie decided to buy him for me as an early birthday present. <3 Thanks so much, guys! Right color, tons of white, great stats and personality... Wow, great job! And it's fine he's a he - it made choosing his name easy!

Here Pepsi is riding him for the first time:

And here he is on sand. His flaxen hair is a close match! Good thing for its highlights!

One more, this time posing with Aslan, our ranch's sooty palomino Salernitano retiree. The Hanoverian is definitely more dramatically flaxen! =)

Finally, here he is in the pastel blue tack I've chosen for him. Sky blue is my favorite color, so it only seemed right. I've named him Forte, the musical term for playing loudly. I can't explain why exactly, but it just seemed to fit him in my mind.

Looking great, buddy! <3

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