Saturday, September 17, 2016

Flight of the Phoenix

Back in June of 2015 (who'd have thought we'd mention it twice in one day?!), we added the handsome, impressively experienced Phoenix to the herd. Our buddy was eager to sell him, and we were happy to help her out there. Phoenix came with his three companions, which we affectionately named Hermione, Missy, and Antsy, respectively. He settled into the herd quickly as one of my horses. 

This week while I was playing HI2, after over a year of me getting attached to this little guy, our buddy asked if we would sell him back to her. This is the first time something like this has ever happened - nobody's ever asked for a horse back before! I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to part with him. Not only am I quite fond of him, but selling him would also mean totally screwing up the careful numbering and naming system we have going for our horses. It wasn't easy, let me tell you, but in the end I figured I'd better be a good buddy and let him go. Our buddy has plans to increase his experience way more than the mere 20 exp per day our ranch was giving him. I think he'll be happier getting more attention. So, I took some final screenshots and said goodbye to Phoenix and his companions. 

It's a whole new adventure for him. That's how I'll try to think of it. He's been renamed "Magnus Bane" and re-accessorized in the few days since. Here's a look at him now:

Less sentimental Lily was quick to point out a silver lining in this, that I've helped balance out the stallion-heavy mare:stallion ratio in our herd. I guess she's right, but I'm still hoping our buddy doesn't decide she'd like any more of the horses she's sold me back.  *Pats Landslide, Kaleidoscope, and Fanta.*

Now what to do about Phoenix's empty slot... He occupied slot #75 and was my 19th horse. My sisters have agreed that I can have either the buckskin Quarter Horse or the white Appendix Quarter Horse to make things even again. Bethany and Felicity were all for me just sticking whichever one I choose into slot #75, but Lily cringed at that idea. So, I guess we're going to be doing some extensive renumbering in the near future. XD

Option 1
Option 2
Another snag: I need to choose a name that starts with the letter P for whichever horse I choose. So far I'm stumped - nothing I can think of that starts with P is just right for either. Inspiration will probably strike soon! It's bound to, as many name-related websites as I've been visiting. ;^)

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