Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Trio of +5/6 Wilds

PepsiSummer went on her first wild hunt of the new year this morning. She found three +5/6 horses in a row! That's definitely a first! Brushfire and I fluted the first one on Prairie, and then Felicity and Burgundy took over to check out the wild hotspots on Twin Rivers and found two more. Can you guess which of the three had +80 stats?

Was it...

A. This bay Sicilian mare

B. This piebald splashed white American Paint Horse stallion

C. This dark bay Dole mare 

Are you ready?

Oh, the suspense!

It wasn't A.
She's yet another +56 5/6er. Who'd ever have thought we'd find so many of these?  I love her markings, especially her birdcatcher spots. But she is a hermit, so I don't really think she'll be devastated to move on to another owner.

It wasn't C either.
Her stats only add up to +54. As pretty as she is, it's a relief. ;^) I doubt she'll mind moving on either, as skittish and antisocial as she is. And let's not forget we do already have a set of awesome Doles, Tang and Cloudberry.

It was B, the stallion! Of course!
His stats add up exactly to +80, and he's only 2 stat points shy of being +6/6. Since he's a Paint, one of our favorite breeds, and a very handsome one at that, I'm guessing he'll be staying as our Mr. January. (Unless, of course, some awesome 6/6er comes along in the next two weeks.) He has the same spotting pattern as our first Paint, Lysithea. Too bad he's not frame overo, the one Paint pinto pattern we are missing.

Lysithea <3
His avatar is rather familiar as well. 
The stallion

Quickstep, Felicity's black minimal tobiano Paso Fino
At least you can distinguish them by the hooves.

In case you were wondering, Felicity did keep wild hunting after catching +5/6 wild #3 to see if she could make it 4 in a row. No such luck. The 4th and final wild horse of the morning was a +2/6 black Danish Warmblood. XD

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  1. Yes!! I guessed the APH!! :D Hes gorgeous - cant wait to see his future name and tack!! :)