Saturday, January 21, 2017

Girl of the Year 2017

The year of Lea Clark, her is-it-blond or is-it-brown? hair, and her rainforest-themed accessories have come and gone. But for us, the real question we wish we knew the answer to was how many sea turtles got sold in comparison to the $2-more-expensive margay cats and sloths?


I fear we will never know.

AG has introduced Gabriela McBride, dancer and poetry enthusiast, as their Girl of the Year for 2017. Finally! An African American! Felicity is quite pleased.

From her accessories, it looks like she's into multiple styles of dance rather than just ballet, which is a change of pace for AG too.

Her hair is really cool! Here's what it looks like down. It's probably a good thing it's dark brown and not black, though - we don't want Mom to go getting any ideas.

Coincidentally, Mom and her sisters have a Kelly doll with the same first name (spelled with two L's) who is similar in appearance to the AG Gabriela. This doll ended up causing a bunch of drama and pulled apart the original friend group at CMS Ranch, the Grand Champions-sized horse stable in the basement. I imagine this Gabriela has a much less divisive personality!

What the Kelly doll looked like new in package. We're too lazy to go take a photo of the actual Gabriella right now. ;^)

Gabriela has a cat named Maya. She's a cutie! I wonder if she's part Siamese or something to have those blue eyes?

Bethany is writing a post about our latest HI2 adventures that should be coming later on this weekend too, so make sure to stop back for that!

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