Sunday, February 12, 2017

Dapples and Pintos

I don't have any wild hunting expeditions to report on this week, but that didn't stop us from finding some tempting horses.

First up: this huge Shire mare! I noticed her in the auction house when I was auctioning off a few wild horses of our own. When nobody but the foreign bidder had bid with less than a minute left in the auction, I did my duty. She came home with us.

She's quite a nice horse! Enormous but meek, a beautiful dappled coat, and an adorable snip. Her avatar is easy on the eyes too:

Her +5/6 stats only add up to +68, though, which is a far cry from +80. And since we already have our equally gargantuan Tinsel, I was a good and surrendered her to the humane society for some other lucky player to find.


Next up: another horse pulled from the clutches of the foreign bidder.

As far as brown horses go, aren't brown Maremmanos exceptionally good looking? I love his mealy areas and dramatic dappling! And those ermine marks (the little dots of black) on his white feet that cause striping on his hooves... How can they not make you smile?

I guess his good looks have gone to his head. And then there's his unfortunate name, Lord. Once he was ours, I was itching to change it, or to at least add something after the "Lord." Nothing creative came to mind, though, and I refused to change it to "Lord Voldemort."

Lord's stats, like Tchaikovsky's, add up to that perplexing +79. So tantalizingly close to that magical +80, but not quite there. Since we did not catch him, we were not as instantly attached to him as we were to Tchaikovsky. Still, I could not make myself go directly to the livery and surrender him the way I did with the Shire.

Here is his avatar:

I was disappointed at how faint his dapples are, but they are there if you look closely. This and the fact that we already have a fabulous Maremanno, Vivaldi, sealed his fate. We probably aren't fancy enough for Lord's liking anyway.


Our buddy Gem offered to sell Lord for us in her new horse store on her ranch. We were all too happy to take her up on the offer! Two days later, Lord had a new home and we had broken even instead of being a few thousand dollars poorer for our efforts. It was great! (Not that we mind shelling out a bit of virtual cash to keep nice horses on the game.)

Horse of interest #3 is a wild that Julie and Donatello fluted on Square Isle. To their amusement, the horse appeared smack in between two boulders. It was a stunning strawberry roan overo Paint! 

We were so hoping it would have awesome stats, since our Paint collection is still missing an overo.

Nope. Her personality made us think she wouldn't be a good addition to our Millennium Fields either, so to auction she went. A real player won the auction, though, which made us happy.

Finally, to noteworthy horse #4. One of our buddies, the very same who has gifted and sold us many horses, including Vivaldi up there, was again selling off a new round of horses. I told her we already had our February horse and was all set to respectfully pass. (I suppose that was a white lie, since Tchaikovsky is technically a December horse... and is white gray, lol. In my defense, Bethany, Julie, and I were all hoping we wouldn't find any nice horses for the rest of February so that he could stay without us feeling guilty.)

Our buddy was persistent, though. She offered to hold a horse for us until March if we were interested in any of them. *Sighs* I was interested, alright.

Come March if nothing changes, this mare will be ours. 

Yes, I know we already have two pinto Warlander mares. But this one is silver dun! We don't have any silver duns in the herd, and I think Warlanders rock the color really well. In addition to being +6/6 and +82, she was lovingly ordered with a super horse token by our buddy herself. And she will come with those perfectly-coordinated premium companions! Sorry, sisters, but I didn't think we could pass this one up! At least she's a mare, right?

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