Saturday, February 18, 2017

Valentine's Week Hodgepodge

Welcome to a post of unrelated stuff I decided to throw together and share from this past week. 

On Monday the 13th, our buddy Gem was the first to notice this Hanoverian overload in the livery. 13 Hanos! That's got to be some kind of record!

Most if not all were surrendered by the same player, probably someone who decided they didn't want their Hanoverian collection anymore. That's rather sad, but I'm guessing most of them ended up getting adopted despite their run-of-the-mill stats, as popular as the breed is. I'd never noticed this before, but it appears livery horses are sorted alphabetically not only by breed but also by color within breed. Nice, HI2!

Next, here is the Valentine's Day wild that Ultraviolet and I fluted:

I figured she was your average white gray from her avatar, but she's actually perlino. Sooo pretty!

Wow, good thing her stats were so poor, or we'd have had a really hard time letting her go!

The other Valentine's Day surprise was for Mom. When she went up to her room that afternoon, this was waiting on her bed. (I think the other stuffed animals on the bed were in on it. Snowby the polar bear looks awfully smug.)

Aw! Grandma is the best!

He (or she?) is still unnamed. I'm pushing for Licorice. 

And now back to HI2. I don't know what our deal is with finding +79 horses, but Bethany happened to spot another one in the livery later on this week. It was even a mare of a breed we don't have this time!

Never fear, Bethany was good. She only admired her, took the screenshots, and then moved on. I doubt the mare lasted long in the livery.

Felicity and Wonderland fluted a brown wild on Brown Isle last night. Wow, imagine that! XD

Just after they had posed nicely by the wild, she moved so that the above screenshot happened. 

As nice as her stats were, we put her in livery rather than auctioning her. I hope she found a home. That one awkward stocking cracks me up.

Felicity hogged HI2 for a long time this morning too. (Still riding Wonderland. She sure loves that horse.) They found a 7Up look-alike, so she switched to 7Up for the screenshot:

Not too far off appearance-wise, but 7Up is definitely cuter.

Part of why Felicity was online for so long was because she volunteered to pick up a set of premium companions for a buddy's new pony from the premium pet shop way out on Crater Mountain Isle. As long as she was that far out anyway, Felicity decided to go buy the newest companion on HI2, the dragget kit.

It took her way longer than she intended to find the right dragget cave - she refused to check the help site for a map first and totally went the long way around Great Circle Cave. She was okay with this because it meant lots of gems, a few golden eggs, and two lost dutchies on the way. Finally, they arrived in GreenDragget's cave.

Obviously, she did not choose that first option you see there. She agreed. ;)

Why, sure we'll pay you 2 million dollars to babysit your kit. Only on HI2. XD

Here is what our new charge, SilicaDragget, looks like! =) We're probably not going to keep her on 7Up permanently - Felicity just picked her to try her out on because 7Up is so brave.

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