Saturday, March 11, 2017

New Horses, Dapples, and a Tiny Surprise

Our new Warlander mare has new tack and a new name. Meet Promise!

We tried almost every tack color on her. Purple won. 

While we're on the subject of new horses, that Sugarbush Draft did end up going home with our buddy Gem. She has named him Twister. =^) Perfect, right? He looks like a stormy sky with debris swirling around. Here he is with his new tack and new companions:

Gem also took home a beautiful Salernitano mare this week. The mare happens to be golden roan, the same color as my Peruvian Paso mare Xanadu. 

Yes, you may be thinking. They are similar in color. Big deal. Why bring it up? To highlight just how differently the same coat color can translate into an avatar!

(To state the obvious, that's the Sal on the left and Xanadu on the right)
The Sal, who is if anything more dramatically roaned in her profile pic than Xanadu, gets a lovely light palomino avatar with darker legs and muzzle. Xanadu, in contrast, gets an odd pale lemony palomino avatar. (It's okay, Xana. I love lemonade.) Clearly, the designers of the Salernitano and Peruvian Paso avatars were not on the same page. XD

Something strange and - as far as I know - unprecedented happened on HI2 this week. The Irish Cob, a never-before-seen breed on HI2, snuck onto the game. It appears that when HI2 realized what had happened, they swiftly removed the breed. However, in the meantime at least 3 Irish Cobs had already come into existence. These horses did not disappear entirely when the breed was removed, but they did glitch in spectacular fashion!

The admiring crowd in the PlainTon Auction House

As you can see, the first and last horses on this auction list are breed-less! They are two former Irish Cobs! Here is the raven black stallion:

Wow, those stats are glitched, alright! I give the artwork 5 stars! (If only the Friesians on the game looked this good!) Hopefully we won't have to wait too long before the Irish Cob is introduced for real!

And here is the dapple gray stallion:

Here he is again without the dapples:

I kid you not - both are the same horse! Check out this clip we took!

Pretty awesome, right? 

Their auctions had ended by the next time we logged on, so we have no idea what has happened to these special guys! I hope they're still on the game!

I will conclude with something totally unrelated to HI2. It may not be as exciting as flashing dapples on a virtual horse, but it's still cool! First, though, an explanation:

One of our aunts is big into succulent plants right now. One of the succulents (the awkwardest, least attractive one ;^)) lives in Mom's room right now, since her windowsill gets lots of light. Most plants Mom's put in charge of don't last long, but so far this one is holding its own. In fact, we fear it may be growing too big for its little pot...

Anyway, there has been a recent development! Look closely and you'll see that one of its shoots has sprouted white flowers! I'm probably way more excited about this than is normal, but they are so little and cute! I just had to share! =^)

Spring is coming! <3

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