Saturday, June 24, 2017

Narrowed Isles Quartet

Julie ought to be typing this post. She claims she's been posting too much lately, so you get me (Lily) instead.

On this lovely summer Saturday, Julie and a few of her horses had some fun riding around the Narrowed Isles. Though all of them showed signs of being visited recently (some stuff had already been harvested from each), 4 of them surprised them with wild horses. 

You probably have guessed what's coming. Yep, one of the horses they found was a 6/6er. This is how I am rewarded for giving in and letting Felicity talk me into taking a buddy's horse so early in the month. *Sighs* I think it's time to buy a Tardis.

Can you guess which of the horses Julie found was the 6/6er?

Was it....

A. this fancy golden chestnut National Show Horse stallion from Chilly Forest Isle

B. this red roan Belgian mare, a Sardonyx look-alike from Dumbbell Isle

C. this bay Furioso mare with a star! from Palm Isle


D. this spotless Gypsy Vanner mare from Windy Pines Isle




If you paid any attention to the HI2 clock in the corner of the wild capture screenshots, you'll see that she was the last of the 4 horses to be caught. Julie is pretty happy she took the time to see if she could fill up that last free horse slot on Windy Pines before she headed back to sell the wild horses! (In case you were wondering, the NSH and Belgian were +3/6, and the Furioso was +4/6.)

The mare is sadly lacking the pinto spots typical of Gypsy Vanners. She isn't the brightest shade of buckskin out there either - in fact, from her profile artwork, she could easily be mistaken for a light bay. But she is still gorgeous, I must say! Just look at that mane, the dramatic feathering, and those lovely markings!

Julie is already smitten. I can tell. And with such great stats (+6/6, exactly +80), she's not going anywhere. The mare already knows it and is making herself right at home.

Well, good for you, Julie. Looks like you get an early birthday present from HI2. I'm still going to keep my fingers crossed that some month this year passes without us adding a horse to make up for this lapse, but I refuse to let go of my Ganache. <3
This isn't her permanent tack, just some extra stuff we had lying around.
I'm thinking of trying out the new embroidered blankets on her,
but we have to go track down the patterns and craft them first. ;^)
Since choosing her name, I have learned that she shares it with an NPC, an eccentric old guy we pass every time we visit NarrowTon General Store. 

I love that his staff is topped with a unicorn head. XD

Before I go, I will show you one last horse. I spotted this one in the livery among the adoptable horses. 
Hee hee, not only does she look a lot like how I think Nala (our aunt's dog) would look in equine form (chestnut with darker mane and tail, sleek, and muscular), but she even has the "Explorer" personality. (Nala loves nothing more than to escape from the humans and explore the neighborhood.) I've got to point out, though, that if Nala's persona was translated into HI2's system, she'd definitely be more stubborn and energetic than this Cob.

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  1. 2nd correct PepsiSummer 6/6er guess for me!! :D Can't wait to meet her :)