Saturday, July 1, 2017

Julie's On a Roll

Last Sunday, the day after I caught that 6/6 Gypsy Vanner, Xanadu and I set out to track down some of those new patterns for Lily on the Angled Isles. We happened upon 3 wild horses on our travels, and one of them was


yes, another 6/6er!

Can you guess which of these beauties it was?

A. this mahogany bay Cleveland Bay

B. this red roan Tennessee Walking Horse


C. this brown French Trotter






That's right, another mahogany bay! And we can't even blame our flute for this one.

Sorry, Lily! I never thought this would happen again so soon, especially not to me! I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw his stats. He's 6/6 and +81, which puts him firmly into the "keep him!" category. 

There isn't a whole lot of variety among Cleveland Bays - both on HI2 and in real life. They are always bay (imagine that!), and the only white markings they're allowed to have are small white stars. The uniformity was apparently ideal for their intended use as carriage horses: minimal effort was required in selecting a matching set. They also have been used under saddle and often make good jumpers. This particular horse definitely prefers having a human on his back to pulling a carriage, but he is far from enthusiastic about jumping. He's not all that agile and as lazy as they come!

The Cleveland's artwork on HI2 isn't exactly awe-inspiring (I think there's something awkward about their feet... maybe how perfectly flat they are...), but I have always admired their shiny coats, which remind me of polished wood.

 Here's a better look at his avatar:

He's very similar to Kudos, but his hooves are brown rather than black.

Odette and Vega, our two mahogany bay mares, are obviously lighter.



The buckskin Gypsy Vanner's avatar is a more unique addition to the herd. 

Her closest color match is Whinny the buckskin Morgan, but they are easy to tell apart. 

My streak of good fortune continued yesterday on my birthday. Check out my beautiful birthday flute!

Fortunately for our dwindling horse slots, her stats are nowhere near as exceptional as her looks. My sisters agreed that she was worthy of retiring to our ranch, though, so that's where she is now!

Since this particular rump art, the symbol of the Deathly Hallows, was available yesterday and looked nice on her, I rolled with the Harry Potter theme. She's named Iolanthe after Iolanthe Peverell, one of the former owners of the Cloak of Invisibility. 

Her head is not that radically different than the main horse's head on Mom's June 30 calendar page. Hmm, maybe I have a shot at winning the "most similar flute to calendar page horse" category in addition to "prettiest birthday flute."

Jolly and I spent the rest of our HI2 time wandering the Dead Isles.


I know this was an odd thing to do on my early summer birthday (to ride around a ghost-colored horse on HI2's Halloween-esque isles), but 1. the next pattern on our list to pick up for Lily was on Decay Isle and 2. nobody else was visiting them at the time. As long as we were there anyway, I figured we might as well collect the Kasper dust specks, search the stumps for emeralds, check the beaches for pirate treasures, and of course keep an eye out for wild horses. 

Nothing like celebrating your birthday with big, dangling spiders! XD
Yay! The pattern at last!
The only wild pony we spotted was this cutie. (Like on the Tiger Isles, we hardly ever seem to find wilds on Dead Isle terrain.)

All in all, it was a great end to a great month this past week! Here's hoping I can pass my luck on to my sisters now... preferably in forms other than tempting horses for a while. ;^)

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