Friday, July 7, 2017

Timbuktoo 2

We were stranded on Timbuktoo this week for our second time ever. I was playing at the time and had Pepsi riding Lofty. 

As you can see, we were trying to get to Petal Isle (to pick up another pattern, I think), but something went awry. I certainly didn't complain! We happily hung out there until we were rescued.

Unlike on Pepsi's first visit back in January, the isle had clearly been looted by another visitor mere moments before. Nearly everything harvestable was already gone, even the bugs from the pitcher plants!

We did have the good fortune to find another nearly-hidden buried pirate treasure again, though (Not pictured. Oops.) and this tricky Dutchie! I'm guessing all the different terrain-specific treasures can appear on Timbuktoo, which is pretty cool!

As you may have noticed from the mini map on that last screenshot, about 5 minutes into our visit, another player appeared on the isle too! So, for the record, Timbuktoo doesn't have to be deserted for a player to be stranded there. I wonder if there have ever been 3 players on it at the same time?

To pass the time, I chatted a bit with the other player (It was her first time being stranded. She hadn't even known Timbuktoo existed on HI2) and harvested as many coconuts as possible. (Whoever had been there before me didn't touch them. Ha!) We didn't succeed in harvesting them all before we poofed away, but we got close!

I kept on playing, and an ad came through. Somebody was in search of a seal brown Welshie! 

I did not reply to the ad, obviously. Napoleon's not going anywhere. Still, it's always fun when you know somebody's after a horse or pony like one you have. I haven't seen the ad again since, so I hope the player found one elsewhere. ;^) Also, in case you were wondering, the capital of Kazakstan in Astana. You're welcome.

Thanks to our combined efforts (mostly Julie's), we finally have picked up all of the embroidered blanket patterns. It took some doing, but we have crafted them all now too. Here is Ganache modeling them:

Lily hasn't decided which one to give her yet, but she's leaning towards the blue or the purple. Once Lily's picked one, Julie's going to pick a different one for the new, still-unnamed Gypsy Vanner. (The still-unnamed Cleveland Bay isn't going to get any of these, as they're rather girly to put on a stallion.) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that neither of them choose the green one, because I'd really like to be the first to use it on my next mare...

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