Saturday, July 15, 2017

Good Luck, Grays!

Hi all! Bethany here. July is half over now, and it's been pretty quiet on HI2. Xanthos and I went wild hunting in the mountains with a buddy last weekend. We only found one pony the entire time, but at least the sparkling gems were plentiful.
It was a brown Highland Pony living on the edge. Our buddy caught it.
These are always exciting finds too. ;^) 
(Watch your footing, Xanthos!)
We've crossed paths with two noteworthy light gray horses this past week too, hence the title of this post.

The first is this wild Furioso that Felicity and Windy fluted on Harbor Isle.

No star, but a lovely horse anyway. Felicity name her Satin and surrendered her to the humane society.

The second gray is this Tersky stallion. I saw him going to the foreign bidder and just couldn't allow it.

See what I mean? So nice! His hooves and his pink nose make me smile. I took him for a short ride and then named and surrendered him too.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that some fellow livery stalkers found and adopted them both.

I still periodically check the horses for sale at ranch stores as well as in the livery. We've gotten lucky with Forte and Foccacia, so I'm keeping the hope alive that someday I'll find Coquina, the Florida Cracker mare of my dreams, there.
(these are two potential Coquina colors)

No Coquinas to be found, but I did notice this awesome Racking Horse stallion:

He is for sale for a shockingly low price - so low I wondered if the owner had made a mistake. I was awfully tempted to go buy him, but I was good and let him be. We already have two great Rackers. <3
my Yoshi
Julie's Xia
When the red dun Racker was still for sale hours after I first discovered him (yes, I went back to check) I decided to visit the seller's ranch to see what the deal was. I suspected the ranch was closed to the public, because why else would he still be there? His stats are exceptional, and just look at his avatar!
Ooh! <3
It turns out you can get to the ranch fine, but I did immediately find the explanation I was after. The seller had written in the ranch profile that horses named "Newbie" (like the Racker) are ones she has put up for sale specifically for new players, hence the ridiculously low price. There's nothing to keep experienced players from ignoring the seller's wishes and snatching him up, but, astonishingly enough, even a week later he is still there, still for sale for the same price. This means that either hardly anybody looks at the for-sale Racking Horses, or people are actually respecting the seller's wishes. Interesting, isn't it? Double thumbs up to this player! If we had a horse store on our ranch, I doubt we'd ever be this generous to total strangers. (After all, we were pretty thrilled just to be gifted with a +36 pony from the auction house on our first day... *Goes to pet Ophelia*)

And now for an update on the newest additions to the herd. 

Lily has chosen the blue embroidered saddle pad for Ganache. Oddly enough, the pink rose and rosebud decors do not match the shade of the pink flower on the blanket very well. The pink orchid does better.

Julie picked the red embroidered pad for the Gyspy Vanner. (She's still unnamed. *Sighs*) As you can see, the yellow rosebud decor coordinates well with the flower on the pad. =)

We're still not sure who is going to be the owner of the Cleveland Bay or what his name will be either, but we have decided he looks especially nice in blue.

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