Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25, The Ideal Birthday

Hello people.

I've always thought that June 25 would be the ideal day for a girl to have a birthday.
Here's why:
1. it's one of the longest days of the year, so the daylight lasts a long time
2. it occurs near the beginning of summer vacation, which means no school to cramp your style on your birthday plus lots of free time to enjoy whatever gifts you get afterwards
3. early summer is usually nice and warm but not as hot as mid to late summer
4. the word "June" is pretty and doesn't take long to write
5. June 25th is exactly 6 months from Christmas, so present-receiving is as well spread out as it can possibly be
6. most people get diddly squat on their half birthdays, but people born on June 25 get gifts on their half birthdays every year
7. 2+5 = 7, and 7 is a lucky number
8. unlike people whose birthdays are early in a month, people born on the 25th have plenty of years to look forward to their golden birthdays
9. people born in June will be some of the youngest in their grade, so they can say stuff like, "I'm advanced for my age"
10. June 25 falls into the oak section of the Celtic tree calendar, and oaks are associated with strength, stability, and nobility

So, basically Julie is really lucky because her birthday is really close to the ideal: June 30. 5 days away and counting!

This post needs some images. I thought it would be interesting to do something similar to the birth flower thing Lily did, so here are our Celtic birth trees.

Me (Felicity): April 21
Willow - The Observer
Associations: imagination, intuition, and vision

Mom: May 18
Hawthorn - The Illusionist
Associations: contradiction, consequence, and relationships

Julie: June 30
Oak - The Stabilizer
Associations: strength, stability, and nobility

Bethany: August 8
Hazel - The Knower
Associations: creativity, purity, and honesty

Lily: October 15
Ivy - The Survivor
Associations: determination, change, and patience

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