Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Wand Chooses the Witch

My sisters and I are all Harry Potter fans. We've often wondered what kind of wands would choose us if we were magical folk and not muggles. I looked up wand-matching quizzes online, and this was the first one that came up.

The Wand Selector

So, naturally, all 4 of us took the 25-question test. The creator of the quiz didn't want any direct links to the result pages. I wasn't sure if the same applied to screenshots or not, so I won't post those either. Hopefully the creator won't care that we directly quote her wand descriptions at times because I am not in the mood to get uber creative with my paraphrasing.


ash with phoenix feather: an ideal all purpose wand that is powerful, precise, and manageable
- indicates owner's strong magical abilities and inner personal strength.
- especially suitable for transfiguration and for work dealing with will-domination
- points to possible success in alchemy
- can be used in dark magic, though not for direct destruction (watch out that you don't get on her bad side, lol)

Me (Felicity):

cedar with dragon heartstring: a very strong and steady wand that is somewhat hard and inert
- especially suitable for transfiguration, though it is slightly lacking in precision (ha ha. Don't get too close to me when I'm transfiguring)
- a very powerful protective wand in both attack and defense
- may indicate the owner is of noble birth or from an old magical family (you know it)
- unsuitable for dark magic


maple with unicorn hair: a pliable, light, and easy all-purpose wand
- especially suitable for charms
- adept at performing healing spells and for creating various "sweet and light" charms (er... I suppose this is better than "sour and dark" charms)
- not a wand that is much good for active battle spells (though I'm not sure why this is because maple supposedly has good "protective" qualities...)


willow with unicorn hair: a soft and pliable wand
- especially suitable for charms and for connecting to the "otherworld"
- not suitable for spells that alter the structure of object directly but great for spells that alter objects' "spiritual structures" (I haven't a clue what this means...)
- indicates the owner has an ability to see hidden things, i.e. things "beyond common perception and understanding"
- excellent wand for invoking illusions and hallucinations

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