Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 30!

Wow, here it is the last day of June already, which is also coincidentally my birthday! This month sure has flown by. Then again, summer months always do, don't they? 

Today looks like it'll be a great day! As soon as I'm done typing this, Mom and I are going to work on a new layout for her Howrse page together. She'll be showing me all the ins and outs of the Paint Shop Pro 7 program she has, so I'm excited for that. :) Then the humans of the house will busy at church and then getting together with Grandma's side of the family, which means my sisters and I have free rein of the house for the rest of the day.

Got to go! Mom is ready.


*~* Later that day *~*

Here is what the layout looked like when we were done:

I'm quite pleased with how pretty it turned out. =) The rest of the day was pleasantly relaxed: a nice long horseback ride, Horse Isle 2 fun while listening to movie soundtracks, and watching Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron for the umpteenth time. 

Now Mom is home again, and it's almost time for us to go upstairs for our sleepover. I can't wait!

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