Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I overheard Grandma mention today that this date was an especially popular date for weddings. It would definitely make it easy to remember - who could forget getting married on 11/12/13? =)

In honor of such a fun date, here are some more amusing screenshots from Horse Isle 2. You're welcome.

levitating dutchie

they're making me hungry

double Kigers

Good try, mouse dun Azteca

Who wants to be lassoed first?

hide-n-seek with a wild

an elusive Peruvian Horse

Whoa, Arion!

a lucky ledge

Wait... flowers don't have heads!

2 of 6 wilds that were on Harbor during one lucky visit

That looks painful

a wild, Flora, and I pause for a quiet moment of reflection

double Xs

big floral hats

Don't ask me how I climbed down this mine...

3 mares on Harbor! Pal is quite the charmer. 

You remind me of someone...

I think he was guarding the treasure.

Well played, Haflinger
I hope these made you smile! =)

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