Saturday, November 9, 2013

HI2: Two More 6/6+ Wilds

We have found two more 6/6+ stallions on HI2 these last two weeks. Felicity caught hers back on the 28th of October, but as we are not keeping him, she didn't bother to make her own post. Still, as a very cute 6/6 pony, I think he deserves to be mentioned.

Here is a screenshot from when Felicity and Arion found him on Stem Isle:

His avatar looks more like a pale buckskin than a roan... Oh well.

That's 11.3 hands there at the bottom.

He's cute, he has a winning personality, and he is +80 for his breed. Wow! What a fabulous pony! If only he wasn't such a little guy, and if only he was a mare! Well, hopefully he will be just what some other player is looking for. We will keep him around until somebody shows some interest. 

And now for the 6/6 stallion I found while riding Pal today (yes, I did end up deciding to keep Palladium for myself). As soon as I poofed out of the reef onto Harbor Isle, there he was:

Hello, handsome

<- One white hoof

He and Pal can have fun spooking at things together ;)
We have wanted a Morab since the first time we looked at the list of breeds in the BBB, so we are all especially excited about him. I'm not sure who will end up getting to keep him. (Probably not me. Since I have Pal now, I really want my next horse to be a mare.) Maybe I'll have my sisters draw straws or something.

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