Monday, November 25, 2013

Cape Boerperd

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Oh, wait, it hasn't even been Thanksgiving yet. o_o 

Really, snow? Couldn't you hold off until December, at the least? I guess we should just be grateful we didn't have a white Halloween, since that has been known to happen...

Ugh, enough talk about snow. I have been distracting myself from the frigid weather outside with Horse Isle 2. Yesterday, I happened to find a wild Cape Boerperd, which is the game's newest breed. The only ones I've seen have been in the auctions, most of them really nice ones selling for big bucks.

I was getting grapes and raspberries on Curvy (for crafting) when I discovered her. At first I was just pleased it was a pinto, because pintos are awesome, but I was even more happy to learn that it was a Cape Boerperd. (Sidenote: we still have never seen a Nez Perce in the wild, which is another fairly new breed on HI2 that I really like. *Sighs and pauses to pet Toasty the Noriker, our only appaloosa-patterned horse.*)

Hello, pinto. Meet 7Up.
I'd never even heard of the Cape Boerperd before it was introduced on the game. F.y.i., it is a gaited breed from South Africa that somewhat resembles the Morgan. Apparently doing saddle seat with them is huge, but they are by no means limited to that. I'm glad their tails don't look artificially high-set like the HI2 American Saddlebreds. 

Spots, multi-colored mane, and blue eyes. =)
So... she spooks at everything, yet she's a sloth too? Am I the only one who is having trouble picturing this? 
It's unfortunate that her personality isn't as great as her appearance and stats, but I guess 2 out of 3 isn't bad. I have a feeling one of my sisters will want her, since we're all fans of pintos. Maybe I can convince Bethany to take her instead of keeping that goofy Orlov permanently. It's worth a try.


  1. Wow, that's weird. I literally just caught the same horse in the same exact spot on the same island just less than a minute ago.

  2. Wow, really? What a weird coincidence! What did you decide to do with yours?