Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snowflakes and Inga

Here it is December 11th already. Two weeks from today, it'll be Christmas!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here. We have a lovely white blanket of it on the ground, and plenty more is on the way from look of the weather report. Now if only this pattern will hold for the next two weeks...

In the spirit of wishing for a white Christmas, my sisters and I visited Make-A-Flake, a paper snowflake simulator. Here are our creations:

My (Bethany's) kaleidoscope snowflake
Felicity's spiky snowflake
Julie's pinecone snowflake
Lily's starry snowflake

As long as I'm posting, here is our latest Horse Isle 2 news. Inga, the mahogany bay Orlov Trotter I've been keeping for Artemis's 4th and final challenge, finally reached 500 experience points today. I rode her to Artemis's sink hole on Lost Jungle Isle for our last visit, and sure enough, Artemis was satisfied. We now have Artemis's agility bonus. Yay!

Inga and me at the entrance to Artemis's hideout

Which brings me to my other piece of news. Now that Inga's fulfilled the task we bought her for, I decided to retire her to our ranch via Millennium Fields. She is quite pleased with this turn of events, as she is so lazy that she never enjoyed being ridden anyway. 

I'll still be able to see her whenever I want. Hooray for Millennium Fields! :)

So, we are back to a nice, round total of 20 horses... for now. I am still on the fence about the Cape Boerperd wild that Felicity's offering me...

? ? ?
If only she wasn't so lazy and skittish!
That would make my decision easy.

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