Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve!

It was a bright, sunny day here - a change of pace from all of the gray skies and precipitation we've had lately. Tons of people around here lost power on Sunday the 22nd because of freezing rain coating power lines with ice. We were lucky - the lights flickered a bit here but never went off. The freezing rain gave way to snow, so there's a beautiful blanket of white out there. It's looking like we'll have a white Christmas! We're excited. =)

In HI2 news, we've been going around taking screenshots for the Esroh Legends December bingo contest. (Esroh Legends is a Horse Isle 2 help site we use regularly for quest and mini game help.) We've had to find lots of objects that are green and red, as well as things like an NPC with a scarf and a snow pile. Our board's coming along, but so far we haven't come across any players riding horses wearing holiday coats. Maybe we'll see some tomorrow. 

We've also brought our horse count up by two more wild mares, making our grand total 24 horses - 6 for each of us.

Here are the two new additions:

Julie and Palladium catching Icing

Bethany and her new Connemara catching a still-unnamed Warlander
I have claimed Icing the Shire, and Julie has claimed the Warlander. More information about them will be coming soon!

Now it's time for a late supper and then a viewing of a Christmas movie - probably The Toy That Saved Christmas. It's a Veggie Tale classic in our house. Gotta love talking veggies!

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