Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Twin Rivers Surprise

To close out our posts for 2013, I will share something fun that happened to me on HI2 the other day. While Ravine and I were searching out minigames on Twin Rivers Isle, we came upon this wild pony:

seeing double
It was a light dapple gray Dales Pony. Its breed and color exactly matched our first HI2 pony, Ophelia, who now belongs solely to my sister Bethany. I briefly switched from Ravine to Ophelia to take this screenshot so that the two look-alikes could meet. =)

This pony turned out to be a mare and has the same personality label as Ophelia, Drill Sergeant. What a fun coincidence!

Here's a visual comparison of them up close. They both have white coronets on their right hind legs.

The wild pony
Ophelia. She is slightly smaller: 750 lbs and 14.0 hands.

And now for a comparison of their stats and personalities:

The wild pony
Ophelia - braver and more easygoing

Bethany wants me to assure you that she will not be replacing Ophelia with this pony, never mind that the new pony's stats are superior. We will probably surrender the new pony to the humane society so that some other lucky player can take her home. =)

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