Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What a pretty pony!

Well, my livery stalking habit is proving harder to break than I'd hoped. I was at it again yesterday, but at least I had reason to be in there. This time I had just gotten done surrendering two 5/6 wild horses and was checking to see if they were showing up immediately. (Sometimes horses do, sometimes horses don't, it seems.) And then, as long as I was doing that, I checked horses of the breeds my sisters and I especially like. Wouldn't you know it, this 6/6 beauty was there:

Nice socks.
25 trainings already. Cool!
A +84 mare! A beautifully-colored one in Mom's favorite pony breed, to boot! I could hardly believe it when I found her. It took Lily urgently ordering me to, "Adopt! Adopt!" to bring me out of my reverie. I tried, but I'd deposited a whole bunch of money in the bank before going to the livery and didn't have enough on hand. 

I cantered Mistral across Marshy to the bank as fast as he'd go, took out $20k, and rushed back to the livery. Lily was sure the pony would already be gone, but fortunately she was still there, the last of 4 Connemaras listed. With Lily's blessing, I clicked "Adopt."

At long last, I have chosen a third mare for my stable! (Sorry, Cape Boerperd wild. I think you're destined for a different owner.)

This mare has been through 3 owners and 3 vastly different names since her capture in October: "Orobas," "Latte," and "Whispering Winds." Her second two owners only had her for a day each before re-surrendering her, for whatever reason. She must be rather confused. I'm still thinking about what I will call her, but it's not going to be any of those names. 

Here is what her sooty dun avatar looks like:

Dapples and golden hooves. What's not to like?
There you have it, equine #22, our second 6/6 mare and my second 6/6 livery find. =) I'll do my best to limit my livery stalking and to only look at mares from here on out, since we have way more luck finding 6/6 wild stallions.

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