Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Gifts

Another Christmas has come and gone without any new dolls joining the family. The one gift for our aunt that looked suspiciously like an American Girl doll box turned out to be a DVD rack. Some of the gifts for Mom did look like they could possibly be doll clothes. Sure enough, we lucked out again: 6 new outfits! And here they are:

Flower Sweater and Skirt Outfit
This outfit looks just how we expected it to. The pieces will work great for mixing and matching with other stuff in our collective wardrobe. It also came with a red headband, but it didn't look so great with my little side ponytail, so I didn't wear it for the picture.

Purple Peacock PJ's
Talk about comfy! Take off the slippers and the outfit will work great for yoga too. The top is so pretty that we will probably wear it as a "real shirt" sometimes and not just a pj shirt. It comes with a purple hair tie, which I'm sure will come in handy.
Caroline's Travel Dress (dress only)
This dress comes with red boots if bought new from AG, but Grandma found it sans boots on eBay. That's fine with me, as I didn't think the boots were all that spectacular. They also dated the dress a bit, and we have plenty of historical dresses as it is. I think the cut and style of this dress is sweet, timeless, and flattering, and as far as pink goes, this salmon-y shade isn't half bad.

Felicity's Spring Gown (dress only)
No clothes specifically cut for 18" slim dolls like me joined the wardrobe this Christmas, which is totally fine after how many came last Christmas. So, Felicity told me to put this one on, adding that she'd "already tried on enough pink for one day." It's rather wide for me, as is to be expected, and it's still rather wrinkled from sitting folded in a box for so long, but you get the idea. What a pretty gown! With a safety pin or something in the back, I could totally get away with wearing this.
Tropical Bloom Outfit
Yay! I love the color palette, the design on the shirt, and the cute matching shoes. Swap out the shoes for tall riding boots and we'll have a great casual riding outfit. These pieces will also work well mixed and matched with our other stuff.
Merry and Bright Gown Set
Retail cost for this baby was a whopping $72, and it was only sold in stores besides. Grandma found it being sold on eBay way cheaper and purchased it as a total surprise for Mom. My sisters and I all agree that it is absolutely gorgeous, and you wouldn't believe how soft the cape is.
the gown without the cape
In addition to the gown and cape, this set came with a detachable silver sparkly belt, fancy silver sparkly shoes with heels, silver satiny gloves, and a shimmery tiara. (I didn't feel like putting my hair up to give the tiara something to attach to, so the tiara didn't make the pictures.) Even without the crown, I felt like royalty the minute I put it on. Since we have one other tiara already, now we can act out princess stories with two princesses rather than just one. Oh, the possibilities! I'm excited.

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