Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is almost at its close, and I can't think of anything particularly unlucky that has happened today. Whew!

Yesterday, 12/12, we officially added equine #21 to our Horse Isle 2 herd, and it's not the Cape Boerperd. It's not even a mare. *face palm*

Well, I was clicking through the humane association horses in the livery. This in itself is a very dangerous pastime. While I tell myself I'm there checking for 6/6 horses - I've heard of other players stumbling upon awesome horses there - what ends up happening is that I'm tempted by really nice 5/6 horses waiting there. 7Up, Whinny, and poor, rejected Cider (long story) all were impulse buys from the HA. I gave each of the 5/6 horses mentioned above to each of my sisters, so I guess it was only a matter of time before I found a HA horse I had to keep for myself.

I know, I know. To quote my sister Lily, "There's no rush to collect horses. Let the right ones find you at their own pace. Our spots are limited." I do listen, really I do. But it's not every day you find a +75 6/6 horse waiting in the HA like a diamond in the rough. Or, in this case, an obsidian in the rough.

As you can see, I've christened him "December." His original name was "Shadow Caster," but as his previous owner changed it to "To Good Home" before letting him go, I'm guessing she wouldn't mind the name change. "Shadow" is awfully close to "Shady," and that would have been way too confusing. ;^) 

Here's what his avatar looks like compared to Shady, Julie's black American Mustang mare.

December: lighter body, black hooves 
Shady: darker body, brown hooves
Oddly enough, December is technically our oldest equine, as his previous owner caught him in November of 2012. I wonder why she'd surrender him after over a year of bonding time? I know the longer I have mine, the more attached I get. Oh well, it's not really my business. I'm just happy to have him, and he seems happy to be here.

Now that I have achieved my goal of finding a 6/6 horse in the HA, I should be better able to resist nice HA horses in the future. One can only hope...

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