Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wild Hunting with a New Buddy

Part of what makes Horse Isle 2 so entertaining is its other players. The game wouldn't be nearly as fun without chatting with buddies and meeting new people. 

We started out our HI2 new year by meeting PandemoniumGal, a wonderful player who - wonder of wonders - actually has visited this blog. =) I, Julie, was riding Shady around the decay isles when she sent her first PM to us.

We ended up deciding to do a little wild hunting. She rode out to the decay isles, but we had no luck finding any horses. I did get a few Kasper dust specks, pirate treasures, and emeralds, though. I hope she found a few things to help pay for travel costs too.

Then, off we went to bake in the sun on the vast Desert Isle. We rode and rode, and just when I was starting to think we weren't going to find anything there either, PandemoniumGal spotted an Alter Real. As I rode towards her to watch it for her (she wanted to save it for one of her other buddies, AmazingEshrohs, to catch), I almost ran into my own first wild of the new year, a bay American Mustang. XD I was so excited I that forgot to take a screenshot before catching her for PandemoniumGal. Whoops! I did get a few shots of the Alter Real hiding behind a sand dune, though:

It took Esroh two tries to catch this elusive wild. 

Oops. I didn't mean to give Shady and myself a reddish glow...

Silly wild. Hiding underneath her isn't going to work.

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