Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Purple Horse!

I've been livery stalking again on HI2, and you know what that means...

Yep, another new horse. But how could I resist, when he was a Missouri Fox Trotter (I've always wanted one), +93 for his breed, and... purple! 

Here is my new buddy, Quasar:

an unusual horse deserves an unusual name!

Definite purple shine, wouldn't you say? Seal brown Dartmoor ponies are the same way - I know because I caught one of those once. Sometime I'll have to check if this phenomenon occurs in any other breeds. 

Quasar is the minimum height and weight for his breed, which may explain why he ended up in the humane society (like Esker and December). So many players are all about having tall horses... Their loss! 14 hands is quite respectable, isn't it, boy?

check out that dramatic tail swish!
Quasar came with the name "Cola Cola." xD I think Quasar suits him better.

His avatar is nothing near as fancy as his close ups, but that's okay. He's still quite different from any of our other horses so far. Welcome to our ranch, Quasar! *gives him a pat*

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