Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Seeing Spots

Hi everybody. 

It probably goes without saying, since my non-virtual horse is an Appaloosa, but I love horses with appaloosa spotting. Hence, I was thrilled to add Toasty the Noriker, our first appaloosa-spotted horse, to our herd back in November. I don't much like the looks of Knabstrups and Appaloosas on Horse Isle 2, nor do I like the reduced skills of most grade horses and ponies, so I didn't expect to find another spotted horse anytime soon. I have dreamed of finding a really nice Nez Perce ever since the breed was added to the game, but so far Nez Perces have eluded us completely. I hadn't even considered... *drumroll *... the POA!

Most POAs are quite small, so I figured the odds of anyone finding one that was both big and had good stats were pretty slim. Turns out I was wrong!

Julie and her newest horse, Hazel, were out on Petal Isle collecting giant pollens for a quest when they found him. He refused to face the camera for his screenshot. XD 

Score! 14.0 hands!
It's weird that white leg markings don't show up on POAs...
Fortunately, in addition to being 6/6, this handsome chestnut leopard POA is maximum height and weight for the breed. Less fortunately, he is only +57, and none of his skill categories even make it to 400. I think I'll probably still keep him (what are the odds of us ever finding another wild POA as nice as him?), but I haven't decided for sure. 

Hmm. His avatar sure is cute!
Wow, have we ever hit the jackpot in finding 6/6 ponies on the leaf isles this year! First Jessamine the New Forest and now this guy!

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