Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Surprise for Julie

So, I'd been chatting with one of our buddies on HI2, SpiritedRain, about our dream horses. She has several horses of specific breeds and colors on her list. Among them was a really cool silver dapple black bladgon Gypsy Vanner. She finally got tired of waiting on Wednesday and ordered her dream Gypsy Vanner. You should see that horse's avatar - so pretty. <3

Rain casually asked me which breeds I was looking for. I mentioned AQHs (Julie's favorite), Nez Perce Horses (my HI2 favorite), and Salernitanos (Lily has long admired them on HI2). (Bethany recently got a Missouri Fox Trotter, one of her fav. breeds. She also doesn't exactly need help finding horses, the little livery stalker. XD) I also said I especially liked duns and roans. 

On HI2 this morning, my buddy happened to be online when I came on and said she had something for me. It was...

Talk about cute markings! Julie loves the one sock that doesn't quite match. 

A red roan AQH stallion! Boy, was Julie ever thrilled when I called her over. Thanks a million, Rain. You made my sister's day. =) 

Horse Isle's AQHs have such friendly expressions on their faces. 
As you can see, he's been trained quite a bit already. He's actually been around since 2011, hence the impressive 5,630 experience points. 

Here's what he looks like when ridden:

Oops. Blinking avatar. XD
His avatar reminds me a lot of the 6/6 red roan Welsh Mountain Pony we sold because of his tiny size. Julie has missed that little pony the most, so I'm glad she is the one who has ended up with a red roan. I wonder what she will decide to name him?

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