Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Well, she's here. American Girl's 2014 Girl of the Year is Isabelle Palmer, a dancer with a special talent for costume design from Washington, D.C.! 

Our conversation when we first saw her online on the 1st went something like this:

Felicity: Really? Another blond?
Bethany: Of course another blond. 
Felicity: Yeah, it's been two whole years since AG had a blond girl of the year. The universe might explode if they held off any longer than that!
Bethany: Blonds sell well, I'm sure.
Julie: Well, it does make sense. When I imagine a ballerina, I do think of a blond in a pink tutu...
Felicity: Wasn't one blond in pink enough? They just introduced Caroline in her pink number in 2012.
Lily: Hey, do you have something against blonds?
Felicity: I just feel they are overrepresented. As are brunettes. We've had plenty of blond and brunette girl of the year dolls, but only 1 with black hair.
Bethany: 2 if you count Sonali.
Felicity: True, but Chrissa was the star of that show. And Sonali was a big jerk in the movie.
Bethany: I was rather hoping for an African American doll of the year to add some diversity.
Felicity: Or a Latina doll. 
Julie: They already had Marisol. Wasn't she Latina?
Felicity: I don't know. 
Lily: Yes. She was. But she was way back in 2005.
Felicity: Oh. Then how about a Latina doll with darker hair?
Bethany: I've always wanted to see a black haired doll with gray eyes.
Felicity: Why doesn't AG make dolls with gray eyes?
Bethany: They do. Molly has gray eyes. 
Lily: Molly's retired.
Bethany: She is?!! Bummer!
Lily: I think most young girls are going to prefer blue or the new aquamarine to gray, so I doubt AG will be bringing gray back anytime soon.
Felicity: What is with this "aquamarine" business? I've never seen a person with aquamarine eyes in my life.
Bethany: Ditto. But it is pretty. 
Felicity: What's with the asymmetric pink shirt? 
Lily: Because she likes clothes design. Keep up, Felicity.
Felicity: And the pink-tipped hair clip ins?
Lily: Young girls will like them.
Felicity: Gag me.

Bethany: I like that she has hazel eyes. 
Lily: ...Says the doll with hazel eyes. 
Bethany: AG doesn't have any other hazel-eyed dolls with her shade of blond hair. Just this My American Girl with "honey blond hair."

Lily: Oh, then it's about time. I think Isabelle's cute. And her movie should be entertaining.
Felicity: At least her name isn't spelled funky like Saige's was.
Julie: Her hair looks pretty in the twist thing.
Lily: Yeah, it does. I should try it on you guys sometime.
Bethany: I'm glad she doesn't live in New York. That's been done plenty already.
Julie: Do you think AG will ever make a doll from Michigan?
Lily: Nope. Not when they've already done Caroline from New York by Lake Ontario. 
Felicity: Arg. Thanks a lot, Caroline.

That's all for now, but check back soon for a look at Isabelle's clothes and accessories. I'm sure we'll have plenty to say about them too.

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