Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stem Isle Surprise

Guess who just found our first 6/6 equine of 2014 on Horse Isle 2? =D

Zephyr and I had just arrived on Stem Isle to harvest petal piles for silkworm cocoons. (We go through those cocoons like crazy in crafting beading cord for necklaces.) We were on our way down the beach to the far east side to begin searching when this beauty came into view: a white gray New Forest Pony.

By standing so close to the beach and pretty much walking into my lasso, it was almost like she was looking forward to being caught. 

And now for her close ups:

she's pretty tall for a pony

swish that tail!

I have a feeling she is going to get on well with Brio, our other 6/6 Socialite. She'll probably be fond of Vinca, our stellar little Newfie, too.

This pony is the 10th 6/6 equine we have ever caught and our 2nd 6/6 mare! The 6/6 wild tally now stands as follows:

Lily: 4
Bethany, Felicity, and Julie: 2 each

Just try and catch me, sisters! :-)

Here's one last screenshot of what she looks like under saddle:

She looks great with our avatar's January outfit. Maybe that's why she seemed so eager for me to catch her. ;^)

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