Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sentimental Salmon and a Stallion

Say hello to our second 6/6 wild capture this June. 

Read on if you care how it happened; skip ahead if you don't. ;) I started out the morning on Twin Rivers Isle, since that's where Bethany last logged us out from. Shady and I weren't finding any wild horses in the usual spots, so when two other players arrived on the isle, we bailed out to Prairie. Prairie was devoid of other players at the time, so we happily searched the eastern expanse. We caught an average brown Warlander stallion and observed a few red dots pop out of the dock house and the northeast rowboat.  No matter - it's a big island, and no one went galloping through our search area. As you can see from the screenshot, just south of one of the salmon runs on Sentimental Pond (I think it's a pond... the map just labels it "Sentimental"), we found a dark bay American Quarter Horse.

Shady is doing her best Arabian impression.
Despite its run-of-the-mill coat color and odd golden hooves, I was hopeful. Since my real-life horse is a bay AQH and since I love the breed, I couldn't help but dream...

It was my lucky day! He ended up being about as nice of a AQH as I could ever hope to catch, and I am thrilled. Not only is he 6/6 and +79, but he also has picture-perfect markings and an interesting persona. <3 No doubt in my mind that this guy is staying. 

Don't worry about Teddy, my less impressive AQH stallion. I am quite fond of him and don't mind a bit having two horses of the same breed. 

The stallion count is only 2 horses behind the mare count now. Unless Bethany keeps the Exmoor... We shall see.

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