Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pinto Love

Well, it looks like I've already picked out our July horse a few days early. Sorry, guys. It's like there's a magnet that inexorably draws me back towards that livery and its rare 6/6 beauties.

As I was happily clicking through the stallions of breeds I like, I eventually spotted him, a 6/6 dun roan tobiano Racking Horse. 

Despite his lack of interesting facial markings, his minimum height and weight, and his not-so-popular breed, he still looked hopeful. When I read his history, I couldn't say no. He's been around since this past November. In the 7 months since then, he's gained a whopping 2 experience points. He has changed hands several times but was never even given a real name. The closest he came: "Christmas Present." Not a well-received present, apparently.

I have named him "Yoshi" after the lime green Nintendo dino. It just seemed to fit him. In my mind, anyway. Something about those big, expressive eyes. Bonus: we have a horse who can use a green dinosaur d├ęcor. I'm really excited for that. XD

As you can see, Yoshi's avatar is quite unique as well. His mismatched mane and tail make me smile. =)

And I'm responsible for what I'm hoping to call our "bonus" June horse if I can get my sisters on board. We belong to a club on Horse Isle 2, and on Saturday morning our club leader was looking to get rid of an APH mare asap. She asked if I wanted her.

How could I refuse, especially after telling her that the APH is one of our favorite breeds? (It's Mom's real-life favorite. ;)) Our club leader generously gave the mare to us at the price of a livery horse. Here she is:

Here is her avatar. She reminds me a bit of Julie's Hazel, but she's different enough that I won't have any trouble telling them apart.

The APH. Her dark areas are sepia-toned with reddish dapples.
Hazel. I'd call her dark areas chocolate brown with orangey dapples.
What a pushover we are for pintos of American breeds! First the twinning Tennessee Walkers, and now these two. Oh well, it is almost the 4th of July, after all. Let's hope we do better at resisting new horses over the rest of the summer.

In other news, it was also PintoMustang's birthday yesterday (June 28). She celebrated by buying herself a cute little grassy ranch isle. She let me and my other buddy, MauveGuava, tag along while she fluted her birthday wild on one of the tiny islands in the middle of Islands Lake Isle. One instant no horse, the next, voila! It was a white gray Orlov Trotter, I think. Pinto blipped away before I could check its details. I had a screenshot of us all admiring the horse, but I was on a different computer than usual (Windows rather than Mac). I forgot to paste the screenshot into a Paint document before taking my next one. Arg. :(

Julie and I also found a total of 7 wilds between the two of us on Twin Rivers Isle this morning. That's a new record for us. Nobody had been wild hunting there in a while! One of them was a Nez Perce the same color as my real-life horse Talia (seal brown spotted blanket), but it was a low-stat stallion. We think we'll retire him to our Millennium Fields.

The other notable horse was this one, a Palladium look-alike. She's the third dark dapple gray Irish Draught we've found now. 2 of those 3 were on Twin Rivers, too.

We're not keeping her, Pal. Sorry. XD

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